Nominate a Child

As a member of a visitation conference of the SVP (or other eligible person), YOU are the FIRST and FOREMOST step in the administration process that enables children have “Sunshine” holidays. Thank you for helping to ensure that children can look forward to the holiday of a lifetime this summer!

Nominate a child now using one of the two options below. There is no limit to the number of nominations you can forward to us.

Use our online form to nominate a child now.
Nominate a child by post/email:

  • All we need are a child’s name, full address and date of birth and a contact phone number – these are ESSENTIAL.
  • If possible, please include a second contact phone number and medical card number (if available) – these are optional.
  • Print the details clearly, in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • Accurate dates of birth should be given for each child nominated (if parents are unsure, check Medical Cards/Birth Certificates). We will NOT take nominations unless we have a date of birth (it is necessary for our computer system!).

Send your nominations to:

Address: The Sunshine Fund,
4th Floor SVP House,
91-92 Sean MacDermott Street,
Dublin 1.

Please note: Our administration system becomes laboured as the season progresses: our volunteers process over 2000 nominations during the summer. If we run short of space this year, we will fill spaces on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online nomination form: