Fundraising is the Sunshine Fund’s only source of income and the support we get from volunteers is the only way that we can continue our work.

Most of the work of the Sunshine Fund is undertaken by volunteers, keeping our administration costs low. Each year over 400 people help us with the holidays, the Advocate newspaper collections on Palm Sunday and office administration.

  • The cost of a child’s holiday is approximately €350.
  • 95% of your donations goes directly towards providing the children’s holidays.
  • The remaining 5% goes on administration (postage, phone, stationery and printing).

Learn more about how you can raise funds to help Irish children or make a donation now.



Support the Sunshine Fund

Each year, over 1000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds experience the holiday of a lifetime at Sunshine House. Each holiday is free to the family but costs €350 to the Sunshine Fund. We’re not government funded, so we rely on our amazing volunteers and the generosity of the public.

We can’t do it without YOU – please do what you can, everything is appreciated!