Fundraising Ideas

Are you interested in holding an event to raise money for the Sunshine Fund?

Here are some ideas on fundraising activities you can do either in your workplace or in your community:

  • Pack bags in supermarkets.
  • Have a cake sale.
  • Clear out your attic and have a jumble sale.
  • Have a clothes swap with your friends or in work.
  • Hold a race night

Setup your own fundraising page for your Sunshine Fund fundraiser

Did you know we can setup a unique fundraising page for your event on our site, with a link you can share on social media or with family and friends, so they can donate straight to your fundraising event by card online? It’s secure, personal and easy to do! Just contact us with details of your fundraising event and we’ll get you sorted!

If you have any more suggestions or would like us to advertise an event you are organising, please contact our office today.