Every summer, our team of volunteers provides holidays to over 1,200 children from disadvantaged areas across the city. For some, it’s the only holiday they’ll ever get; for others, it’s a short respite from poor social circumstances; for all of them, it’s a chance to forget about daily living and make friends, play, sing and dance in a happy, safe and fun-filled environment.

A week in Sunshine House is extremely rewarding.

Waving goodbye to the children as they return home can be sad, but leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. You will see shy, timid young people open up as the week progresses and see aggressive, boisterous children soften, mellow and relax.

The difference Sunshine can make to children and adults alike is clear to all those who experience a holiday in Balbriggan. It is what keeps volunteers coming back.


Volunteer Appeal

Although people are very generous with contributing money, we are finding it increasingly difficult to get volunteers on board. One of the best ways to get new volunteers is by you telling your friends and family members about Sunshine.So please spread the word and encourage people to contact us!

What our Volunteers Say!

if you’ve ever wanted to go back to your childhood, it’s a bit like that”

I volunteered twice and had the best time!

So good to see that this is still going. I volunteered twice back in 1992 and had the best time. I am from Australia and this was the highlight of my 6 month trip away.