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Volunteer Applications

We are currently accepting applications for our 2022 holiday season, with interviews planned to take place in January and February 2022. When your application form has been processed you will be contacted by our office and invited for interview. Any applications received after the closing date will still be accepted and processed at a later date.

Thank You for your interest in Sunshine House.

The Volunteers’ Department

Apply to be a volunteer today and make a difference in a child’s life:

Volunteer Applications

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Contact Details

Section 3: What do you do?

Section 4: Some things about you

You will be deemed eligible for the holiday programme if your health is satisfactory. The Sunshine Fund reserves the right to request evidence to support your application.
In case of emergencies, whom should we contact?

Section 5: Addiction

You can be deemed eligible for the holiday programme even if you suffered an addiction in the past. The Sunshine Fund reserves the right to request evidence to support your claim to have overcome an addiction.

Section 6: Previous Experience with Children

If you have previous experience working with children, please tell us...

Section 7: Previous volunteering experience

If you have previous volunteering experience, please tell us...

Section 8: Skills you can bring on holidays

Section 9: Preferred Dates

* week containing a bank holiday

Section 10: General Information

Section 11: References

Section 12: Declaration

I declare that the information given by me is true and agree that the Sunshine Fund may make reasonable efforts to contact any organisation or individual mentioned by me, or any police force or public agency in order to verify information provided by me.

I accept that the Sunshine Fund is under no obligation to offer me a place on the holiday programme and can remove me from the holiday programme at any time for stated reasons.

If you require an offline version of the form, you can also:

Download the Application Form here (Word Document), complete it, save it and return by email to sunshine.east@svp.ie