Information for Children

Sunshine House is the most amazing place for a holiday.

If you’re lucky enough to get a place, your holiday starts when you get on our Sunshine buses. Here you’ll see all the other children who also got a Sunshine Passport. You might even start to make new friends on the journey to Sunshine House.

Once you get to Sunshine, you’ll have a chance to try out the play equipment in our playground, have a game of football, practise making sandcastles in our sandpit, or get to know the other children. A little later, you’ll unpack in your dormitory upstairs and meet the adults who’ll be minding you for the week, then have something to eat before you go to the disco, an evening show and a film before bedtime.

You’ll need plenty of rest because the next day, after breakfast, you’ll have a huge number of activities to choose from. The football and basketball leagues will be starting, arts and crafts and dancing classes will begin, you might want to rehearse for the talent show that night, or just play in our playgrounds. Everyone will be heading to the beach a little later, where you’ll hear about the first competition of the week (hint: it might be the highest sand mountain – so you can practice now before you come down to us).

After lunch, we’ll be handing out prizes for the beach competition, then you might be going shopping with some of your new friends, or trying to find hidden treasure somewhere in the town. If the weather’s nice, you might be trying to find shells or collect crabs, but if it’s raining we’ll head inside to try out our indoor playcentre. In here you can try the Playstations, climb our climbing wall or use our indoor jungle gym.

After tea it’s time to practise some dance moves in the disco, then the talent show begins. After that it’s musical chairs and more prizes, before we settle down to watch a film. By now you’ll be so tired you’ll be ready for bed – because we’ve a whole pile of new things to do the next day.

Bet you can’t wait – so we’ll see you soon in Sunshine!

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