Child Protection Policy

The Sunshine Fund is committed to creating a safe healthy and inclusive holiday for all children in Sunshine House. Your child’s safety and welfare is of paramount importance. The Sunshine Fund adheres strictly to Children First: National Guidelines for Child Protection and Welfare 2011.

What is a Child Protection Policy?

A child protection policy is a statement of our commitment to keep your children safe while they are on holiday in Sunshine House.
Our Child Protection Policies includes:

  • A code of conduct for volunteers and staff.
  • A safe recruitment policy.
  • Procedures for reporting concerns to the Child and Family Agency.
  • A Child Welfare Coordinator who is based in Sunshine House and responds to any child protection issues.
  • Procedures for dealing with allegations against staff or volunteers.
  • A complaints procedure.
  • An accidents and incidents reporting policy.

What Should I Expect When My Child Goes on Holidays to Sunshine House?

  • You can expect your child’s safety and welfare to be the top priority.
  • You can expect that your child will have a fun and unforgettable holiday.
  • You can expect that all staff and volunteers in Sunshine House have been interviewed, given proof of identity, have their references checked and been successfully garda vetted. In addition they have all attended child protection awareness training.
  • Sunshine House has a zero tolerance policy on bullying.

Role of the Child Welfare Coordinator and Designated Liaison Person

The Child Welfare Coordinator is based in Sunshine House for the summer and will be the first point of contact if a child protection concern arises. They will speak to the person raising the concern to ensure they have all the facts and may also speak to the child if necessary.

If the concern is of a child protection nature the Child Welfare Coordinator will ring the child’s parents to advise them of the concern. She will also advise them that she is obliged to report all concerns of a child protection nature to the Duty Social Worker in the Child and Family Agency. The Child Welfare Coordinator will then submit a Standard Report Form to the Duty Social Worker.

What Information Will be Passed on to the Child and Family Agency?

The Child Welfare Coordinator will pass on the following information; child’s name, address, age, family details including siblings and parents, names, ages and address. In addition she will say what the reason for concern is as well as the name of the person who reported the concern.

Is There a Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers?

Yes. This code of conduct for staff and volunteers is included in our child protection policy.

Are There Rules for Children?

In Sunshine House we have a separate set of rules for children (please see page 9 for details). Children will be advised of these 5 rules when they arrive for their holiday. In Sunshine House we have a zero tolerance on bullying policy in Sunshine House. Any incidents of bullying will be addressed immediately. This could include sending a child home early.

Who can I Talk to if I Have a Concern about a Child?

If you have a concern about a child or young person, you can talk to:

  1. The Child Welfare Coordinator for Sunshine House (Ph: 0876879140). She will listen to your concern and explain our Child Protection Policy to you.
  2. Alternatively, you can contact a Duty Social worker in the Child and Family Agency directly.

Is there a Complaints Policy? Who can I Talk to if I have a Complaint?

Yes, we want to hear about your experience in Sunshine House. We prefer to resolve complaints internally.

You can speak to the Child Welfare Coordinator or ring the Sunshine Office and speak to a member of the Children’s Department on 01-8198430. They are available every Tuesday from 6:00- 8:30pm.

In addition, you can also write to the Child Welfare Coordinator or The President of the Sunshine Fund at The Sunshine Fund at The Sunshine Fund, SVP House, 91-92 Sean Mac Dermott Street, Dublin 1.