Nomination Process

How the nomination process for a holiday in the Sunshine House works:

1. January to April: your child’s name is sent to Sunshine by either:

  • Your local Vincent de Paul
  • Your social worker (if you have one)
  • Your school (if your school is in our schools’ programme)

Please note: We don’t take names from parents or guardians directly!

2. February to April: we add all the names into the computer

  • Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All names have to be sent in to us by the middle of April.
  • Please don’t ring us to check what’s happened to your child’s name because we’re really busy typing over 2000 names in!

3. May onwards: we give most children one month’s notice of their holiday dates


  • From the beginning of May, letters go out every week telling you when your holiday will take place.
  • You must send the confirmation slip at the bottom of the letter back to us before the deadline written on it, or we’ll give your place away.
  • Unfortunately, if these dates don’t suit you, we cannot offer you any other dates.

4. When you’ve returned your slip


  • One week before your holiday is due to begin, we send out yellow invitation cards in the post.
  • It should arrive on a Monday or Tuesday before your holiday starts

5. Some children whose names are received last are given places at the last minute, so will get a yellow invitation card without a month’s notice.

6. If you haven’t heard from us by the end of July

  • Call us to find out what’s happening with your application.
  • At this stage we’ll know if your child is on a waiting list or was too late to get a place this year.