What is Expected From Parents and Guardians

The Sunshine Fund is run by volunteers, who give up our free time so your children can have a wonderful holiday. You can help us by doing the following:

Invitation cards:

  • Please complete all sections on your child’s yellow invitation card. Don’t leave anything out.

In case of emergency:

  • Give us at least one contact number so we can check with you if we have problems, or need to speak to you about your child’s welfare. Please be available to collect your child if needed from Sunshine House.

Your child’s behaviour:

  • We understand that children on holidays are very excited, so we have a relaxed attitude at Sunshine. However, we need some rules to make sure all the young people staying with us have a good holiday.
  • Our rules are:
    1. No bullying
    2. No going off on your own
    3. No vandalism / deliberately breaking equipment
    4. No boyfriends and girlfriends
    5. Children must take part in activities
  • If a child breaks these rules, we give him/her several warnings. If the child keeps on breaking the rules, we will send him/her home.
  • Please read the booklet “Sunshine for Parents and Guardians” when we send it to you before the holiday starts. Our five rules for children are in this booklet. Please explain these rules to your children, help them to understand what the rules mean, and what will happen if they break them
  • Support us if we need your help getting your children to follow our rules.

Nominate a Guardian:

  • Lastly, if you are going on holidays yourself while we are hosting your child, it is very important that you have another adult available to act as guardian.
  • This could be a relative or someone you trust; they must live in your area, or within driving distance of Balbriggan.
  • We might need them if your child needs to be brought home for any reason, or needs hospital care for example.

We want the best for the children that visit the Sunshine House, as do you, so we’re counting on your support.