What Parents can Expect from the Sunshine Fund

We recognise that parents and guardians trust us with the most important things in their lives – their children.

We are humbled by this trust, and are committed to providing all our young guests with the highest quality care we can, which either matches or exceeds the care they receive at home.

We further undertake to ensure the welfare and development of children on the holiday programme or at other events is of paramount importance. This includes us recognising our duty of care to keep children safe and protect them from all forms of harm.

We recognise too our duties to adults, both volunteers and staff members, and are thus determined to respect the rights, privacy and dignity of any child or adult involved with The Sunshine Fund.

To help achieve this, we expect all adults to develop respectful, caring, empathetic and friendly relationships with children and other volunteers or staff, to demonstrate individual responsibility, and to act at all times in accordance with sound principles, consideration and good judgement, setting a good example for all.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are ordinary people who promise to provide the best care they can. They come from all different walks of life: some are students, some are retired, some were in Sunshine themselves when they were children.

We recognise that you are placing a huge amount of trust in us to look after your children. All of our volunteers are interviewed, give proof of identity, have their references checked, are vetted by the Gardaí and are trained to ensure they provide the high standard of care we all expect.